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The Korean online platform “naver” is a popular search engine that collects information from various fields around the world. And people post articles with others to expand their knowledge in English and Korean through Naver. Since Naver is popular and a good search engine for Korean documents and databases, you can get help if you are going to Korea or want to start a business in Korea. Naver is designed for Koreans (South Korea) who use it to help them online. If you would like to buy Naver account for your business purposes, please contact us first and tell us your requirements.

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Buy Naver Account Old and New

Looking to expand your online presence in South Korea? Look no further! Now you can buy old and new accounts to promote your marketing efforts. Naver is the most popular search engine and web portal, which makes it an ideal platform to reach a large audience.

By purchasing a legacy Naver account, you get access to a verified profile with existing followers and engagement. These accounts have established credibility, making them an important asset to your business. On the other hand, a new Naver account offers a fresh start, allowing you to build your brand from scratch and manage it for specific marketing goals.

How to Buy Number-Verified Naver Accounts ?

If you want to buy Naver account with a verified number, here are some steps to help you:

First, it’s important to find a reliable and reputable dealer. Look for an online platform or forum that specializes in buying and selling Navar accounts. Be sure to read reviews and check the reliability of the seller before buying.

Then determine the specific needs of your Never account. For example, if you need a certain number of followers or a certain level of activity, talk to the seller and find an account that meets your needs.

Naver accounts for your business-

Naver’s business-focused offering uses cutting-edge technology and data to help its resellers, partners and other small businesses grow. Naver’s business features include Naver Pay, Naver Smart Store, Naver Smart Place, Naver Booking, Naver Cloud Platform and more. You can sell through Naver Business on the most popular marketplace. So don’t hesitate and buy Naver Account for Business today at an affordable price.

Why buy naver account here?

Most repeat customers buy any product online or purchase a new account from their previous retailer if the supplier has been consistently delivering the product. I hope you will be satisfied if you look at our service quality and previous customer reviews about Naver account sales. We strive to provide the best support to our clients and provide the most potential and friendly features and benefits to our beloved potential audience. To get all the updated features in your Naver accounts, you must first contact our team to confirm your order.

  1. All information is unique and new
  2. A phone number is linked to an email address
  3. Verify any state or government issued ID. Issuance of documents
  4. Photo or email verification selfie
  5. A valid social security number
  6. Naver wallet for business and shopping
  7. There is a reasonable price for each article
  8. Articles are verified and have full access to Korea


All our accounts are verified with full documentation, localsmmshop has served 200 thousand new accounts since 2020 during verification. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. This makes it easy for anyone in our network to Buy Naver accounts.

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